b. 1968, San Francisco.


Lives and works in Los Angeles.


Scott's ongoing series of lush 'Cakeland' installations and sculptures describe an allegorical paradise, in the process of re-integrating light and dark, from a false dualism to a true whole. Using an emotionally compelling narrative with delicious looking and fear provoking materials and imagery, the viewer is at once seduced by the promise of 'heaven' while being reminded by the presence of a imminent 'hell'.


Hove has exhibited with Merry Kanowski Gallery, La Luz de Jesus Gallery, Roq la Rue, Think Tank Gallery, Hashimoto Contemporary and more recently collaborated with Banksy to create Dismaland in the UK. His work has been commissioned internationally in the United States, London, and Beijing. Hove’s sculptures and installations have been featured in Smithsonian Magazine, LA Times, Architecture & Design, Food and Wine, KQED, The Cooking Channel, Hi Fructose, Vogue, The Daily Telegraph, and more.