Travis Louie // Curious Beasts
  • Travis Louie – Curious Beasts Exhibition Dates: October 31st – November 28th, 2020 Opening Reception: Saturday October 31st , 1-6pm...

    Travis Louie – Curious Beasts

    Exhibition Dates: October 31st – November 28th, 2020

    Opening Reception: Saturday October 31st , 1-6pm

    // Masks + Social Distancing Required

    Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Saturday 12 – 6pm // Masks + Social Distancing


    KP Projects is proud to present a new exhibition of paintings by Travis Louie, entitled “Curious Beasts.” Louie’s extraordinary skill of blending human and animal characteristics into vintage toned portraiture is a means for storytelling, and a way of representing our universal interconnectedness.

    Driven by a fascination and respect for animals and people from all walks of life, Louie finds inspiration in the imagination and the artistic process of externalizing characters into manifeted storytelling in painted form. Gothic writer Edgar Allen Poe described it as a way to destabilize the boundary between the internal working of the mind and reality. Contemporary British writer Terry Breverton’s describes it as ‘the art of creating supernatural illusions, the gathering of phantoms and fantasies.”

    Strange creatures and mythical beasts appear in Louie’s paintings as dignified beings. Fancy Ogres transform from the dark roots of folklore and mythology into a dignified monsters dressed in lace cravats and top coats. As with past series of work, Louie plays with emotive expressions to make animals and creatures share greater attributes with their human counterparts. Tai Catfish masters the art of tranquility in his meditative stare and balanced gesture of mind body and soul; a dapperly dressed elephant gently walks his pet mouse amidst a delicate rose garden, and The ‘The Last Dust Bunny” becomes the personification of the stuff of magic and dreams. Although Louie’s aesthetic may affectionately borrow from the past, much of the inspiration for his thematic content is rooted within the present.

    “All artists are a reflection of the time they live in, regardless of what kind of work they do. We are like filters that absorb all kinds of sensory information and when we make our art, those things that adhere to our psyche, our aesthetic… there is a connection in my portraits, as they have an underlying thread of the unusual; people, creatures, characters or beasts trying to just live their lives like anybody else…often turning stereotypes on their head by their uniqueness and individuality.”

    Travis Louie’s jubilant paintings are a seamless blend of the fantastical and the everyday brought to life with grace and humor. His characters celebrate the differences between the world we inhabit, and the world of our imaginations


    Travis Louie originates from Queens, New York. He graduated from the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, hoping to pursue Illustration. As the path of freelance art began to unravel and favor his work, he started exhibiting and traveling the world, sharing his visions and depictions with the public. Throughout his career, he has had the pleasure of displaying his work in in galleries around the world. "Curious Beasts" will be on display at KP Projects Gallery until the through November 21st