• Eric Nash “All Along The Way” (Iconic Charcoal Drawings)

    I have to credit this show title to David Lynch. In my own art Los Angeles has been a longtime
    subject matter where I curate, focus on, edit down, and elevate the commonplace to the iconic
    through my artistic and drawing process. I take thousands of source photographs all over the city
    at all hours to find those special images that while common are somehow quintessentially LA. My
    proclivity toward lonely or noir imagery is enhanced by the noir qualities of charcoal which goes
    from deep black to grays to the white of the paper and is reminiscent of classic black and white
    photography. David Lynch, the multimedia artist, defines noir. He is also the KCRW Los Angeles
    radio station weather reporter. Every morning Mr. Lynch takes the humdrum LA weather report and
    elevates it into a magnetic, visceral, moody, and aesthetic experience in a few key words and tonal
    inflections in about a minute of time. He ends each report by saying, ”So, we're going to continue
    on and I wish, no matter what the weather is, I wish for all of you blue skies and golden sunshine
    internally all along the way. Everyone, have a great day.” This inspiring and multilayered statement
    is so completely and essentially “LA”. The key element of “All Along the Way” was my directive for
    this show’s mood and imagery. I sought out and documented the things we all see and feel "all
    along the way” here in Los Angeles.