JP Neang's work has been showcased in various galleries in the US and internationally. Her works have been recently published in LA Voyage Magazine, Spoke Art “Inspired By Miyazaki” book and mini documentary Paper Garden Directed by Erick Lee.

JP's artworks investigates the understanding of human capacity through intimate micro drawings, playful storytelling and inspired Folklore. The fragility of her medium on a microscale allows one's feelings to naturally pipe itself into a single pulse. Furthering our connection to the significance of "the self" as they visit her works.


Jp's passion in the creative world extends beyond her art. She's been a creative educator for 10 years and counting. With a background in Design Thinking she's worked in developing creative programming for the youth with local non-profits, bay area community organizations, guest lectures at UC Berkeley's Architecture and Landscape Design with Professor Chip Sullivan, and have worked in programming with local institutions such as The Children's Creativity Museum, DeYoung and The Cal Academy of Sciences . 


In addition to serving her local community, JP's Philanthropic work globally has served as a personal project. The Global Education initiative to bring back the act of creating to children on an international platform. Jp has partnered with Guinean Arts & Culture (Africa), Light & Leadership (Peru), Barefoot College (India), and currently Studio Kura Art School for Youth (Japan). The purpose is to collaborate with multiple international organizations to build, collaborate, and influence change on a global scale for 7 years and growing.