Lola Gil is a fine artist living and working in Los Angeles. Her work has a strong emphasis on narrative/escapism, woven in and around connection through relationships and the psychological response we magically grow from those throughout our lives. She shares a hidden world of symbolic thought, spoken through a visual language. All works promote a positive outlook on the eternal quest for being the best you can possibly be.

Lola has exhibited her paintings in fine art galleries and museums both internationally and throughout America since 2001. Perfecting her craft since the age of 13, she is a self taught artist with a strong passion and diligence which keeps her striving to continually evolve her technique. Born in Riverside California, she has been around art her entire life, with her dad as her greatest inspiration: A cartoonist and local muralist throughout her informative years. In 2012 she moved to Bristol UK on a 2 year visa to live and paint amongst the countrysides, as well as visit every museum she possibly could.

Lola's works have been published in books such as Underground Culture from all parts of the world, Gothic Art Now, DPI Designs Stars Boulevard, Pop Surrealism what a wondertool world, and more. Features and interviews include Juxtapoz Magazine, Territory Mag, Wooden Toy, Hi Fructose, Bliss, dpi mag, Staf. the new pop culture etc. LA Weekly, Lemonade, Inked, to name a few.